Aterak XL

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Aterak XL
Class Destroyer
Price 25000
Goals to Unlock 0
Speed AterakXLSpeed.png
Acceleration AterakXLAcceleration.png
Phase Shift AterakXLPhaseShift.png
Special AterakXLSpecial.png

An Aterak XL in-game.

The Aterak XL is a vehicle available in Carnage Racing. It is a large truck in the destroyer class, meaning drivers receive additional phase shift meter points for every successful weapon hit.

The Aterak XL is one of the vehicles players can choose when starting the game, or costs 25000 moolah otherwise.

Special Ability

Special Ability Description
Weapon Reload When you fire a weapon, you have a small chance to reload that weapon
Homing Missile Missiles are always homing, even at level 1