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Welcome to Carnage Racing! This guide is intended to give new players a general overview of Carnage Racing, and it's mechanics, controls and interfaces.

What is Carnage Racing

Carnage Racing is an arcade racing game developed by tinyGIANT games and published by Jagex Games Studio, available to play on Steam, iOS and Facebook.

More information: Carnage Racing

Getting Carnage Racing

Ace of Spades may be purchased from Steam here or the iOS App Store here, or played on Facebook here.

Home (Garage)

The 'home' screen, known as the 'garage' in the iOS version of Carnage Racing is where you can choose which vehicle to use, upgrade your vehicle and weapons and customize your vehicle.





In the Steam and iOS versions of the game, new vehicles can be unlocked by completing goals. Each track has a set of goals to complete, which includes things such as finishing in a certain time, scoring a certain number of weapon hits or finishing in a certain position. Additionally, each vehicle costs Moohal, the in-game currency, to buy. This can be earned by winning races, with more Moolah being awarded for finishing in a better position, scoring weapon hits and completing tricks.

In the Facebook version, vehicles do not need to be unlocked, and are bought using Cash which can be purchased with real world money.

You can upgrade your vehicle, improving it in areas such as acceleration and speed, along with it's weapons. Each vehicle is upgraded separately - upgrades to a vehicle will affect that vehicle only.

You can also customize the appearance of your vehicles, changing the colour and adding patterns.


There are several vehicles for you to choose from in Carnage Racing. In the Steam and iOS versions of the game, vehicles are divided into three classes - the speedster, the trickster and the destroyer. Speedster class vehicles get a small speed boost for each weapon charge they collect, trickster class vehicles are best at performing aerial stunts whilst destroyer class vehicles get extra phase shift meter points for each weapon hit.

More information: Vehicles

Game Modes

There are various game modes available in Carnage Racing.


Tutorials teach players the basics of the game, phase shifting, weapon usage and tricks.


Career mode, called 'unlock your potential' in the Facebook game allows players to race against seven AI opponents, completing goals and earning Moolah.


Race the World allows players to race against up to 7 human opponents. Host Race with Friends lets the player set up a lobby and invite their friends to race.

Time Trials

Time Trials allow players to post a time for their friends to beat, or attempt to beat a time set by a random player (not available in the Facebook version).

More information: Game Modes


Carnage Racing on Steam can be played using the arrow keys or WASD, or a USB controller. Carnage Racing on iOS is controlled using the touchscreen. Carnage Racing on Facebook can be played using the arrow keys or WASD.

More information: Controls


Weapons are collected by running over weapon charges, which can be found across the tracks. These will give you a random weapon. Once collected, weapon charges will respawn after a short period. Collecting a weapon charge when you already have a weapon will not change your weapon. However, weapons can be upgraded so that collecting two or three charges gives the weapon additional effects.


There are five types of weapon in Carnage Racing

Time Bomb

Attaches to other racers and explodes after a short countdown.


Trail Blazer

Lays a trail of fire behind you that slows down opponents that come into contact with it.



Projectile weapon that explodes on impact with other vehicles.


Warp Gun

Seeks a racer in front of you and opens a warp to their location.


Rail Gun

Slows down an opponent and drains their phase shift meter.


Weapons for each vehicle can be upgraded in the garage using Moolah.

More information: Weapons

Phase Shifting

Phase Shifting is an integral part of Carnage Racing. Your phase shift meter is shown on the bottom right of the screen:

Steam and iOS:




You can fill your Phase Shift Meter by driving fast, performing air tricks and in the case of destroyer class vehicles getting weapon hits (iOS and Steam only). Once your Phase Shift Meter is full, you can Phase Shift. This allows you to travel through Phase Shift Warps - these tactical shortcuts will transport you to a different area further along the track, giving you an advantage over other racers. Some Phase Shift Warps will transport you to areas that cannot be reached by other means. You only Phase Shift for a short period of time, and cannot travel through the Warps normally.

When not Phase Shifting:


When Phase Shifting:


You are invulnerable to weapons when Phase Shifting While You Can Passing Through Opponents But You Can't Fire Weapons.

Air Tricks

Performing tricks gives a boost to your phase shift meter, and gives you extra points. Trickster class vehicles are best at performing tricks, since they can complete them quicker.


Hold left or right whilst airborne, and release to orient yourself automatically. You may need to release the directional keys first.


Hold gas (forward) or brake (backward) whilst airborne, and release to orient yourself automatically. You may need to release the directional keys first.


Double tap left or right whilst in the air.

Completing more tricks gives more points, as doing landing successfully. Multiple tricks can be performed at once.

Next Steps

This guide is intended to give players a general overview of Carnage Racing. For more detailed information, players can view the various articles on this Wiki.

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Good luck, and have fun!