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Goals Get 3 weapon hits, take 3 phase shift warps, finish in 3rd place or better, beat time of 2:25, hit 1 skill warp

Land-Ho! is a track available in Carnage Racing, Requires 1 Goal To Unlock It.


iOS and Steam only

Goal Notes
Get 3 weapon hits Using the Trail Blazer with multiple racers behind you can provide multiple weapon hits. Some upgraded weapons also hit multiple targets, or in the case of the Warp Gun, have AOE damage, making this goal easier.
Take 3 phase shift warps -
Finish in 3rd place or better -
Beat time of 2:25 Easier with a speedster class vehicle And Avoid Miss Weapon Charge To Finish The Race.
Hit 1 skill warp To reach the skill warp, take this phase shift warp, take this route then this phase shift warp , OR take this route then this phase shift warp. The skill warp is to the left of the ramp, so aim left just before leaving the ramp to hit it.