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Description Fire a missile that explodes on impact
Upgrades Range, speed, weapon drop, collect 2, range plus, duel wield, speed plus, impact, collect 3

Firing a collect 3 missile.

The Missile is a weapon available in Carnage Racing. It is a projectile weapon that explodes on impact with other vehicles. The basic missile fires straight ahead from the players vehicle, whilst upgraded version will lock on to a target.


Upgrade Description
Range Gives your missiles a little extra reach. And who can't get with that?
Speed Gives your missiles a speed boost! It'll catch 'em if they're napping!
Weapon Drop Tap and hold to drop a Missile behind your ride. Far out!
Collect Two Fires a homing Missiles that locks on to your target. 2 charges to blow!
Range Plus Max's out travel distance for your Missiles. Far out! (literally)
Dual Wield Fires Missiles from each side of your vehicle. Can you dig it?
Speed Plus Max flight speed for your missiles. There's no great escape!
Impact Make your Missiles strike with bigger impact. The harder they come!
Collect Three Fires Multiple homing Missiles at all targets. 3 charges to blow! Atomic!