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When crafting a full set of Carnage Racing cards, players will receive a badge. Players can attain higher level badges by crafting multiple sets of cards. Badges can be displayed on a player's Steam profile.

Badge Name Level XP
Badge 1.png L Plates 1 100
Badge 2.png My First Car 2 200
Badge 3.png Joining the Grid 3 300
Badge 4.png Alloys! 4 400
Badge 5.png Wheel of Fortune 5 500

Foil Bade

In addition to the regular badges, a foil bage can be crafted using foil cards.

Badge Name Level XP
Foil badge.png Pimp my Ride 1 100


As well as a badge, players will receive one of the following random rewards.


Backgrounds can be used on a player's Steam Profile.

Background Name Rarity
Aterak XL background.png Aterak XL Rare
Atlas 454 background.png Atlas 454 Common
Phoenix Background.png Phoenix Common
Raptor background.png Raptor Common
Saber background.png Saber Uncommon


Emoticons can be used on Steam forums and chat.

Emoticon Name Rarity
Crossx.png  :crossx: Common
Rocketsfired.png  :rocketsfired: Common
Spraycan.png  :spraycan: Uncommon
Stoptime.png  :stoptime: Rare
Tick.png  :tick: Common