Time Bomb

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Time Bomb
Description Attaches to other racers and explodes after a short countdown (Then Time Bomb Turns Red)
Upgrades Speed, Short Fuse, Splash, Collect Two, Weapon Drop, Speed Plus, Dual Wield, Splash Plus, Short Fuse Plus, Collect Three

Firing a Time Bomb.
The Time Bomb is a weapon available in Carnage Racing. It attaches to other racers and explodes after a short countdown. The basic Time Bomb fires straight ahead of the player, whilst upgraded version will lock onto one or more targets.


Upgrade Description
Speed Gets your Time Bombs a speed boost. Galactical!
Short Fuse Clamped Time Bombs will blow fast! Lightning Explosive!
Splash Increases the radius of your Ticker Bomb splash damage. Sweep 'em up!
Collect Two Your Time bomb will lock onto targets. 2 charges starts the show! Detonate!
Weapon Drop Tap and hold to drop a decoy weapon charge behind your ride. Awesome!
Speed Plus Maxes out your Time Bombs travel speed! Blam!
Dual Wield Launches Time Bombs from both side of your vehicle. Why not!
Splash Plus Maximizes the radius of your Time Bombs splash damage.
Short Fuse Plus Time Bombs will blow rapido! Get to it!
Collect Three Multiple Time Bombs, lock onto all targets. 3 charges and it's happening!


If a time bomb is attached to you, phase shift to cause it to explode without causing any damage.